The state of CARcinogen EXposure (CAREX) in Asia, Dec. 15-20, 2021

At the 10th APOCP General Assembly, the importance of addressing the occupational and environment exposure to known carcinogens was highlighted, and a future event related to carcinogen exposure was approved.  The state of CARcinogen EXposure (CAREX) in Asia Symposium, Dec. 15-30, 2021 Online event follows the General Assembly’s recommendation and aims to address the magnitude of exposure to established carcinogens throughout countries of Asia and Pacific. The symposium goal is to develop a network of scientist interested in CARcinogens EXposure (CAREX) from different countries of Asia with an ultimate goal of helping establish the registry of exposure to established IARC  Group 1, 2 carcinogens. Read More …..

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