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Original Research

Multiple Primary Tumours, How Frequent we can Offer Curative Therapy?

Omima Elemam, Seham Abdelkhalek, Doaa Abdelmoety, Reem Baraka, Mervat Yousef (Author)

71-78 |

Liver Resection in a Tertiary University Hospital in Damascus- trends Related to the Political Strife and Social Crisis

Basel Ahmad, Mohamad Essam Marwa, Khaled Turkmani, Tareq Ahmad, Ramez Baghdadi, Shaimaa Aboudamaah, Khetam Alkhatib, Mohamad Ahmad (Author)

79-82 |

Epidemiology, Pattern of Recurrence and Survival in Triple-negative Breast Cancer

Dharmendra Singh, Niladri Roy, Sumana Maiti Das (Author)

87-94 |

Symptom and Anxiety Assessment in Gynecologic Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy

Pongsaton Viriyasiri, Phatthanan Phutthikiat, Phatthawan Phonmak, Phurinut Krutjaikla, Sittichai Ongtip, Prapaporn Suprasert (Author)

95-100 |

Profile and Outcome of Triple Negative Breast Cancer at a Tertiary Care University Hospital in Nepal

Suman Khanal, Yogendra P. Singh, Gita Sayami, Akihiko Ozaki (Author)

101-105 |

Awareness about Gynecological Cancers amongst Tribal Females

Neha Jha, Anita H Panot, Upendra Singh (Author)

113-118 |

Review and Meta-analysis

The Role of 18F-FDG-PET/CT Scan in the Management of Multiple Myeloma

Shirin Haghighat (Author)

119-123 |

Short Communication

Some Facts About Cancers in Karbala province of Iraq, 2012-2020

Ahmed Mjali, Bushra Najeh Hasan Al Baroodi (Author)

67-69 |