COVID-19 pandemic has affected healthcare services across the globe and cancer care delivery is not an exception. Global lockdown has largely changed the cancer care practice from hospital visits to teleconsultations to check the spread of novel coronavirus 2019 as cancer patients are more susceptible to any infection than other individuals because of their systemic immunosuppressive state caused by the malignancy and anticancer treatments.  

There have been many important issues to be addressed as far as cancer care delivery in amid COVID-19 pandemic is concerned. We have recorded a very high number of submission related to cancer management and COVID-19 but it is very difficult to accommodate all the manuscript on similar topic respecting the diversity of our journal. Cancer care is in limbo as patients are unable to reach to hospital in view of imposed travel restrictions. As this disease is very new, there is a paucity of data on experience of cancer management in this crisis from different countries and most of the data are emerging from China.

Thus, Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Care (APJCC) has come up with a special issue titled “Oncology practices amidst COVID-19 pandemic” to get better insight of the problem in different countries. 


Original Research

Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on the Treatment of Cancer Patients Registered at a Tertiary Care Centre in Eastern India

Arnab Kumar Ghosh, Bappaditya Chhatui, Bhukya Swetha, Anis Bandyopadhyay, Niladri Roy, Abhishek Basu, Alakananda Choudhury, Janmenjoy Mondal (Author)

11-16 |

PTBD During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Life Saving Procedure in Malignant Obstructive Jaundice Patients

Khushboo Rani, Kumar Gaurav, Naveen Kumar (Author)

17-19 |

Infection Control and Modified Workflow Strategies in Radiation Oncology Department during COVID 19 Crisis: An Institutional Experience

Sweta Soni, Akanksha Solanki, Puneet Pareek, Rakesh Kumar Vyas, Sumanta Manna, Sanjib Gayen (Author)

21-26 |

Impact of COVID Pandemic on Cancer Care: Cross-sectional Scenario of an Indian State (Bihar)

Avik Mandal, Pritanjali Singh, Dharmendra Singh, Manika Verma, Amrita Rakesh (Author)

27-33 |

Impact of Covid-19 Outbreak Pandemic on the Radiotherapy Practice: A Survey Study of Indian States

Vindhyavasini Prasad Pandey, Teerthraj Verma (Author)

35-40 |

Demography and Outcome of Cancer Patients with COVID-19: A Retrospective Cohort Study in Dharmais National Cancer Center Indonesia

Fifi Dwijayanti, Chainurridha Chainurridha, Ahmad Rusdan Handoyo Utomo, Mururul Aisyi, Hubertus Hosti Hayuanta, Jaka Pradipta (Author)

41-49 |

Review and Meta-analysis

A Review of Candidate Therapies for Beta Coronavirus a Molecular Research

Fatema Bassam Ahmed, Aili Lyu (Author)

83-86 |

Short Communication

Case series

COVID-19 Severity among Cancer-COVID Patients with Different Types of Cancer: A Case Series of Five Patients

Budhadev Baral, Kartik Muduli, Shweta Jakhmola, Sabyasachi Parida, Selvakumar Elangovan, Nirmal Kumar Mohakud, Hem Chandra Jha (Author)

117-122 |

Perspectives and View Points

Fallacy of Considering Low dose Lung Radiotherapy in Treating Covid Lung

Tarun Durga (Author)

151-153 |